Straight Edge Sublimation Mugs 169

AED 8.00

Specification : 10 OZ Straight Edge Mug
Size : 105 x 70 mm\
printing Option : Sublimation

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These 10 Oz straight edge Mugs are utilized all around the world since they look quite decent when holding. These Coffee Mugs are for the most part used to drink refreshments like espresso and tea. You can utilize these mugs even in workplaces in light of the fact that their outline fits with the inside of wherever. The most imperative thing about these Custom Mugs are dishwasher safe so your customers will be comfortable while washing them. Such an appeal mugs without an art would be unfair to the item itself. People always love these extravagant mugs with various designs and above all it is the best promoting instrument that never baffles an advertiser. So we’re giving our best printing choices to your Art Mugs that beyond any doubt will be the chief need by your clients. Our orca 2 sublimation coating on your Customized Mugs gives it a three dimensional look which a purchaser never slips an opportunity to take.


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