Bamboo USB Flash Drives USB 38

AED 25.00

Bamboo Usb Flash Drive
Bamboo swivel
Capacity: 4,8, & 16 GB

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USB Flash Drives has always been a great way to promote your business but a new item makes the customers more excited to keep. We introduce an eye-catching USB Flash Drives with the rare design of bamboo material which is one of our top selling products. It is one of the great ways for branding because of its different use of material. This Bamboo USB Flash Drives has the capacity of 4GB and 8GB separately to store loads of data in it. It has a bamboo cover over its chip to save it from damaging even if it’s out of pocket. This Bamboo Flash Drives has an additional printing option. You can engrave your name or logo on its front to promote your brand. It can be called as Promotional Bamboo USB Flash Drives as it has a lot to do with business work and can be advertised easily.


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